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For anyone interested the swifts are running a fantasy football league this year. Basically they are having a private sub league so that fans can pick their team (english premiership) and pip their football knowledge agaisnt the management team of the swifts and the players. The premiership starts on sat so obviously its important to get your team picked asap! if interested go to barclays premier league website and pick your fantasy team.

Once this is done contact someone at the swifts (MSG DUNGANNON SWIFTS FC ON FACEBOOK or FILL IN A CONTACT FORM ON THIS SITE) and you will be given a code to enter a private league on the website (this will be the swifts league) the fee is £5 per month and there will be a manager of the month prize and end of season prizes for 1-5th. (manager of month is the person with top points obtained in that month!)